For me it’s a challenge to help organisations realise the potential of the New Way of Working. The approach to the project is based on a proven method and a process model. To this are added extensive experience and a huge dose of creativity that springs from my urge to innovate.

What it means

Firtly I use best practices to show what the New Way of Working can mean in terms of cost savings, increased productivity, culture change and sustainability. However, there may be other reasons for researching the potential of the New Way of Working such as the wish to revitalise, to change accommodation, growth or slimming down, working more responsibly, better communication, sharing knowledge, cooperation or making the optimum use of technological possibilities.
best practices



A journey together

I like to take the leaders of an organisation on a journey with me. Together, we produce a roadmap for the future way of working. I show what the organisation has to do to develop a new work style and the resources that are needed to introduce it. I draw up a business case to clearly show its feasibility in terms of finance and the technical aspects of change.

future way of working


Themes and issues

There are many issues to be dealt with during this journey to the holistic, integral approach to the New Way of Working, such as business accommodation, architecture, the building process, programme management, digital working (from paper to digital), new skills, leadership, culture change, sustainability, change management, creativity, the customer, the employee, ICT, information and knowledge management, trends, the sense of urgency, the business case, communication, savings and vitalising.

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