Strategic consultant

For change

I like to help organisations move to the New Way of Working at strategic level. The way I do this is based on a clear vision and years of experience. I show leaders and managers the opportunities, results and possibilities that this idea has to offer. And together we embark on a journey to a new and sustainable way of working.
We reveal the future using a proven method and interactive sessions. We look at things in depth, and think about them. And together we answer questions such as:
  • What is the New Way of Working and what can it mean for you?
  • Why should your organisation take the step towards the New Way of Working?
  • What ambition level is right for you?
  • How can you introduce the New Way of Working successfully and what should you not do?
  • Who can we involve in the project and what will be the scope of their activities?
  • What role will the internal organisation play and who are the right people for this?
  • What will the New Way of Working deliver in terms of economies, improved production and culture change?
  • What does the New Way of Working contribute to sustainable business?





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