The New Way of Working

The arrival of the Internet has meant that we carry out a host of activities, such as banking, shopping and meeting, in the virtual environment. This has effects on how we relate to each, work together and do business, but it also demands a new architecture for our social environment. The physical environment is changing from a place where you work to a place where you meet. The relationship between the virtual, social and physical working environments is self-evident. A new work style evolves from the interrelated shaping of these three environments.  It is only possible to achieve meaningful solutions through such a holistic approach and an iterative process.

The movement

The New Way of Working has become a catch-all expression. It suggests a work style. A work style is a recogniseable, accepted system that regulates how people relate to each other and to their resources. The New Way of Working is a movement that appeared in the Nineties. I wrote my first book about it in 1995. The New Way of Working is associated with flexi-working, desk sharing and activity-related working.
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the nineties

The solution

Activity-related working (ARW) is the solution that does justice to the technological developments of the next ten to fifteen years. ARW can only be developed and introduced on the basis of the integral interrelationship of the physical, virtual and social working environments. An activity-related work style organises the work and resources based on those activities that an organisation has to carry out or wants to carry out. The advent of the Internet has meant that increasingly more activities take place in the virtual environment. The flow of information is becoming digital and thus independent of time and place. This transition of activities from the physical to the virtual world requires a fresh look at how we relate to each other, how we communicate, how we do business, how we create value, how we work together and how we provide leadership. ARW leads to major cost savings, culture change and improved productivity, which makes it a sustainable solution from many points of view.

activity-related working (ARW)

 activity-based working (ABW)


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