Throughout my life, I have been fighting for justice and honesty. This is founded on trust. I’m always looking for ways of making life better and more pleasant. I constantly set myself the challenge of thinking up better solutions. How can it be cleaner, more vital, more sustainable, more beautiful, cheaper and more productive without sacrificing quality? Less is more and, I am sure, it really can be more. This has been motto for many years now. 

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The idea of the New Way of Working arose from my motivation and experience. Now it has become a catch-all expression but twenty years ago it was an innovation. In 1995 I wrote my first management book about this, in which I launched expressions like flexiworking, ‘flexplek’ (the flexible work-station), work styles and new ways of working. I also explained that a new way of working could only be created by linking together the possibilities provided by ICT, the consequences for the organisation and accommodation. This idea has become more robust over the years. Many parties claim to be able to introduce ‘The New Way of Working’ but in practice it is seldom applied well on the basis of an integral approach. Moreover, because of the constantly changing possibilities afforded by technology in particular, the New Way of Working is not a static fact but a concept that needs constant attention and renewal. Everything I do focuses on constantly striving for this renewal. Only by doing so can I continue to develop future-focused solutions that can serve as best practices.
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not a static fact


Developing the New Way of Working is one big change process. An organisation undergoes a transition towards three entirely new environments: physical, virtual and social.


Over the last thirty years, I have worked on more than two hundred projects that made the transition to a different way of working. One of the most inspiring examples is that of the headquarters of the Interpolis insurance company in Tilburg, which was completed in 1995. It is now already fifteen years ‘old’ but even today there are still guided tours so that people can experience the New Way of Working. Another good example is Orbis’ ‘hospital of the future’ in Sittard. Here, every technological development has been translated into a practical innovation for the benefit of efficient operation and the patient. Finally, there is also a pioneering example of the New Way of Working in local government, in the form of the Municipality of  's-Hertogenbosch.

I’m very proud of the fact that my principles have also been adopted on the other side of the world. Over the last two years, I have been able to lead Macquarie, the top investment bank in Sydney to an activity-based workstyle (ABW). This project now serves as a best practice in Australia.

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activity-based work style (ABW)