Curriculum Vitae


Erik Veldhoen, born on 19 July 1954 in Deventer, The Netherlands
Father of Vincent (1979), Niniane (1981), Alco (1985) and Jacinto (1988)
Trumpet-player since I was 9 (from brass bands and jazz ensembles to a salsa band)
Likes travelling to South America, India, Corsica and Australia
An enthusiastic cook: founder and member of the Club Gastronomique Curnonsky Maastricht
Golfer: handicap 17.4






1976, HTS Bouwkunde, Zwolle


The Art of Working (2004, Academic Service)
Versie 2.0 (1998, uitgeverij 010)
Veldhoen Manifest 01, Ambtenaren aller omgevingen
Kantoren bestaan niet meer (1995, uitgeverij 010)

the art of working

2010 Erik Veldhoen For Change

As the founding father of the New Way of Working, available as a strategic consultant, speaker and publicist. 

1989 - 2009 Founder and CEO of Veldhoen + Company, Maastricht

With Veldhoen + Company I was already specialising at the start of the Nineties with developing and introducing new working styles based on an integral relationship between the physical, virtual and mental working environments. Veldhoen + Company has always made its knowledge and experience transparent and available to others. In the twenty years that I led it, the agency grew into an innovative, multidisciplinary niche player that employed more than fifty people representing a multiplicity of talents (architecture, psychology, behavioural science, business administration, social administration, facility management, economics and project management). I’m proud to have developed this organisation into what it is today.
new ways of working

integral approach





I was involved in more than two hundred projects and gave my personal commitment to:  

The development and introduction of the Interpolis Office Concept (IOC) for the insurance company’s new headquarters in Tilburg. This was subsequently extended to the other offices in Tilburg and Zotermeer. The IOC was developed further into an integral working concept called ‘Helder Werken’ or ‘Clear Working’: a revolutionary working style that still remains a source of inspiration for people who want to work with a future focus.
The development of a new working style for the South Limburg police force followed by the development and construction of fifteen police stations in this region.
The development and introduction of the Hospital of the 21st Century – the Orbis Medisch Zorgconcern in Sittard. This new hospital translated my ideas into reality, down to the smallest detail.
The development of new working concepts for the virtual, physical and mental working environment according to the integral ‘Veldhoen Model’ for, among others, the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce) Rotterdam, Unilever Research Vlaardingen, Shell Rijswijk, the Municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch, Aedes Hilversum, the Utrecht police force, McKinsey Amsterdam, Deloitte Maastricht, Dela Eindhoven, NS Vastgoed Utrecht, B/Braun Melsungen, Secura Brussels, Swiss Life Brussels, Cera Bank Leuven, Rabobank Heusden, Rabobank Nederland’s headquarters in Utrecht, Sabic Europe HQ in Sittard and, of course, the headquarters of the leading investment bank Macquarie in Sydney, Australia.
The development of a sports and cultural project in Gulpen (Limburg), the development and construction of the De Scheg sports complex and the development of the De Leeuwenbrug cultural complex in Deventer.
The development and construction of the regional office of MEGA Limburg in Roermond and the headquarters of the AZL pension fund in Heerlen.
The development of a schools complex in Potsdam, Germany.



orbis hospital

kvk rotterdam

unilever research






ns vastgoed






mega limburg

azl pension fund

1981-1989 Director of (among others) PolyCAD, PRM and IMEConsult

From 1986 until December 1989 I worked as director of Polycad and ERC in Heerlen. Together with my team, I developed applications for exploitation and design real estate on large CAD systems. I also conducted national research (creative and economic) into integral solutions for sports complexes and carried out research into ‘Clustering as an alternative’.

In 1985 I worked as founder/director for Project Research & Management in Maastricht. I was chiefly involved in the development (creative and economic) of several construction plans for offices, sports complexes and schools.

From 1981 to 1985 I was branch manager of IMEConsult in Maastricht. Here I conducted and was responsible for project management for such things as the construction of the headquarters and district office, and the power station, for the Limburg Provincial Electricity Company.
design real estate CAD systems

new concepts

integral solutions

power station

1977 - 1980 Paramaribo and Bangladesh, IMEConsult

In 1980 I worked for IMEConsult/Haskoning as the building developer for the Dutch Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
From 1977 to 1980 I worked for the same company as a project manager for large-scale building projects, including the St. Vincenties Hospital and the University Hospital in Paramaribo, Suriname.
bangladesh embassy

hospitals in paramaribo