07-11-2014: lezing op Congres „Sociale Kleefkracht” in Utrecht.

05-11-2014: keynote Symposium VU-Amsterdam Business Research Institute: "The mobile workforce and the apocalypse of the traditional workplace”

23-10-2014: expert dialoog in Deventer: „De stad is je werkplek”

16-10-2014: inspiratie sessie Burotronic in Zuid Limburg

06-10-2014: dialoog sessie KPN in Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

27-09 > 01-10-2014: bezoek Oracle Open Wold, San Francisco

11-06-2014: keynote op Worktech Madrid, Spanje

17-12-2013 Société Thomas More

20-11-2013 Stakeholders’ dialogue KPN

19-11-2013 Worktech, London

31-10-2013 Employer Branding Experience, The Hague

29-10-2013 Castricum Public Seminar

On Thursday 31 October 2013, the EmployerBranding Experience took place for the fourth successive year in the AFASCircustheater in The Hague. The Employer Branding Experience is the specialistconference on employer brands, HR/recruitment and labour-market communication,and focuses on HR managers and those with final responsibility for recruitment andlabour market communications.

27-11-2012 FMM Market Event, Groenekan

On 27 November 2012, the eleventh edition of the FMM (Facility Management) Market Event took place in the imposing Fort Voordorp in Groenekan. In 2012, the theme of the event was international facility management, and included lectures by Helena Ohlsson from Sweden, Lieke Mekking, Real Estate Services Manager of Shell, and myself. The theme of my lecture was my new book You-topia and my vision of the future. There were a number of mini-seminars later in the afternoon.

22-11-2012 ‘Day of Progress’, Rotterdam

Service provision in the Netherlands can and must be better, thinks Ronald Goedmakers, chairman of Vebego. This issue was central to the first ‘Day of Progress’ that was held in Ahoy Rotterdam on Thursday 22 November 2012. Approximately 300 participants from Dutch Railways, Schiphol Airport, G4S, the organisers Vebego (Hago, Alpheios, Assist and Yask)and &Samhoud worked together on innovations to take service provision to a higher  level. The day was moderated by Frits Wester. I held one of the workshops.

25/26-10-2012 Orgatec, Cologne

At the Orgatec Trend Forum in Cologne, Germany, I gave two keynote speeches on ‘International Concept Transfer’ and ‘Thinking outside the box’.

25-09-2012 Industrieele Groote Club (IGC), Amsterdam

I gave a lecture for the Industrieele Groote Club (IGC) in Amsterdam.

03-06-2012 The Occupiers Conference, London

I was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the IPD Occupiers Conference 2012 in London.

21-06-2012 Facility Management Innovation Event

One of the themes of this event was creatingopportunities at a time of crisis. As a keynote speaker, I was asked to explainthe opportunities of the New Way of Working to visitors.

06/07-06-2012 CFO Day, Rotterdam

The theme of the 2012 CFO Day was 'On course in a new world'. I gave a comprehensive lecture on the New Way of Working.

05-06-2012 The New Holland in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

On 5 June 2012, the philosopher and writer Alain de Botton and I were asked to be key speakers. This exclusive seminar took place in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. The New Holland was organised by KPN and the Financieele Dagblad newspaper.

05-06-2012 Provada Conference Day, Amsterdam

On the Provada Conference Day in the Rai, Amsterdam, I debated with people including Cunno van Steenhoven (DTZ Zadelhoff) about the changing demands of the user.

31-05-2012 Seminar for law-court administrators

At the seminar for law-court administrators in the Netherlands, I gave an introduction to the New Way of Working.

01-12-2011 Worktech 2011, Utrecht

At Worktech 11 in Utrecht, my lecture dealt with a new vision of the future of working. Together with many other interesting speakers, I informed visitors of the latest status regarding work, working space, technology and real estate.

2/4-11-2011 World Festival of Interiors, Barcelona

I was invited to the World Festival of Interiors in Barcelona as a speaker and jury member.

21-06-2011 Co-Create event, Rabobank Netherlands

Sander Architects and its co-designers invited me to give a lecture during this exclusive insight for 250 guests. Because I had been involved in this large-scale interior project from the start, I accepted, of course.

13-05-2011 i-beta/event, Heerlen

On Friday 13 May 2011, I was a keynote speakerat the i-beta/event in Heerlen, the Netherlands, organised by the Social BetaFoundation. Subject: the New Way of Working. Venue: the beautiful RoyaleTheater.

14-04-2011 GROOT conference, De Architect, Rotterdam

On Wednesday 13 April2011 De Architect and AIR, thearchitecture centre in Rotterdam, held the conference GROOT [BIG] – the Future of big city buildings in De Doelen inRotterdam. At the time, there was not a lot happening in architecture and thedevelopment market. As the economy was recovering, construction work in thecity would have to be approached differently. Would large city buildings – withmultiple functions and public significance – still be relevant then or wouldthey be replaced with smaller projects? The speakers included Christian Rapp,Joan Busquets and John Thackara. I contributed to this great day as a member ofthe panel.

februari 2011: Kluwer Masterclass voor managers

Especially for project managers and other managers that had the New Way of Working in their portfolios, Kluwer held a master class at various NWW locations in the Netherlands (Interpolis, Ynno, Microsoft, De Dommel, and Rabobank Utrecht) covering all aspects of the New Way of Working. Among the topics discussed were the physical environment (Facility), the ICT world, the impact on culture and leadership (HR) and the change and communications programmes.

With this Master Class, Kluwer wanted to respond to the needs of managers and specialists who had taken their first exploratory steps in the New Way of Working and were now implementing it practically.
I was one of the speakers. You can read the full programme on Kluwer’s special New Way of Working (HNW) site.

24-11-2010 Worktech, Amsterdam

At Worktech 2010 I took part in a debate on ‘Challenges for Change’ with panel members Thomas Bene, Jeremy Myerson of the Royal College of Arts and Vodafone's HR manager Paul Smits.