I’ve been writing books since 1995. The reason being that I want to make my knowledge and experience available to others. And inspire them. Below you will find a list of the books that are currently available.

YOU-TOPIA (2012, Academic Service)

You-topia visualises the impact of the digital revolution. You-topia is about people, organisationsand our society. In You-topia, a newlife-work balance is created.  In You-topia, working returns to thehome!  In You-topia we bid farewell to the ‘Old Way of Working’ and the old(apparent) security associated with it. In You-topia,new opportunities and a new form of security is created. You-topia is the future. It’s here now for you.

The book (in Dutch) can be ordered through Management boek or

The Art of Working (2004, Academic Service)

The way we handle information is changing radically. And this is also changing the way we work and the way we relate to other people in organisations. We will have to design our offices in an entirely different way to the one we are used to. In this book, I use theory and practice to show how organisations can embark on a journey to an integral redesign of their virtual, physical and mental working environment. It provides ambitious examples from healthcare, government and industry, as well as a vision on a changing society and the role that idiosyncratic leadership can play in this. The Art of Working documents an organisational-social movement working towards no less than a more sustainable and harmonious society. The book, in Dutch, costs €37.95 and can be ordered from Management boek. Or

Versie 2.0 (1998, uitgeverij 010)

With ‘Kantoren bestaan niet meer’ (‘Offices no longer exist’), published in 1995, I carried out pioneering work. While people then regarding this as fiction, by 1998 the new way of working had become reality. The book shows that office innovation is more than just a business accommodation solution. Aspects such as the work process, document management and ICT also have to be examined. The book also makes it clear that people who are faced with large-scale changes have to be guided carefully. The book, in Dutch, costs €29 euros (+ VAT) and can be ordered through
: or

Veldhoen Manifest 01

The ‘Manifest’ or Manifesto, sketches a picture of a government that works more efficiently and effectively and can therefore save the sum of four billion euros per year. And this is no empty promise as the calculations are based on real projects such as those for the Dutch insurance company Interpolis and the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Unfortunately this book is now out of print. However, if you interested in reading it, just send an e-mail and I’ll send you the digital version.

Kantoren bestaan niet meer (1995, uitgeverij 010)

I wrote this book – ‘Offices no longer exist’ - in 1994. It describes the consequences of new developments in office work, the office environment and the office building as an architectonic type. Unfortunately this book is no longer in print.